Produits gourmands à la lavande


Well-being is also enjoy life's little pleasures. Whether you have a sweet tooth or want to enjoy a comforting hot beverage, our gourmet products enriched with lavender are sure to please your taste buds.

April, the month of Earth

Free lavender seeds with every order!


Because the environment is important to us, we will be providing a complimentary packet of 100 Munstead lavender seeds with every order.


Valid from April 1st to April 30th for all orders on our website or at our Magog boutique. No minimum purchase required. One packet/customer.


No need to add the packet to your cart. It will be added manually when we prepare your order in our warehouse! ♡



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Chocolat à la lavandeChocolat à la lavande
Lavender chocolate
Sale price11.50 $ CAD
29 reviews
Miel naturel crémeux à la lavande de Bleu LavandeCreamy lavender honey
Creamy lavender honey
Sale price17.50 $ CAD
3 reviews
Miel naturel liquide à la lavande de Bleu LavandeMiel à la lavande avec plusieurs autres produits enrichis de lavande
Liquid lavender honey
Sale price17.50 $ CAD
2 reviews
Sachet de 55g de tisane rooibos lavande-bleuetSachet de 55g de tisane rooibos lavande-bleuet, avec une tasse de thé remplie, un pot en cristal avec des bleuets frais, une cuillère remplie de tisane et un bouquet de lavande séchée
Tisane de lavande dans un emballage kraftTisane de lavande pour le bas de Noël
Lavender herbal tea
Sale price13.50 $ CAD
25 reviews

Premium wellness products

At Bleu Lavande, we are a team of lavender essential oil lovers. Since 2004, we deliver its therapeutic benefits through a unique, and premium range of health, body care, home and pet products that inspire everyday wellbeing. We take pride in the utmost quality and naturality of our products. We love lavender so much that we even grow it!