April, the month of Earth

Free packet of lavender seeds in every order!

Live and harvest well-being every day

The essential of well-being

Lavender essential oil is for us a daily source of inspiration. Its numerous benefits for home and body care are a measure of confidence that pushes us daily to innovate as we develop our products. This unique flower of a matchless blue pictures more than passion and authenticity.

Its unequalled properties allow us to live and harvest well-being every day. Treating yourself to a Bleu Lavande product is therefore much more than simply treating yourself to body care, it's transforming daily habits into precious moments of well-being, thanks to the benefits of lavender essential oil.


The benefits of lavender

Our true lavender essential oil is used in aromatherapy:

• As a calmative or nervine
• As a carminative or antispasmodic for the symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort
• To help relieve headaches, coughs and colds
• To help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis

Our essence

Our promise to lavender lovers

Les produits de Bleu Lavande sont toujours formulés avec des ingrédients d'origine naturelle

Natural origin ingredients

Les produits de Bleu Lavande ne contiennent pas d'ingrédients nocifs, tels que des parabens, peg, sulfates, parfum artificiel ou colorant artificiel.

No toxic ingredients

Les produits de Bleu Lavande sont certifiés sans cruauté par PETA.

Not tested on animals

L'huile essentielle de lavande fine de Bleu Lavande est certifiée ISO 3515 : pureté et qualité

A guarantee of purity and quality

We love lavender so much we even grow it!

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