Guide-cadeaux : Professeurs et personnels de soutien

Gift Guide for Teachers and Support Staff

To show your appreciation for teachers and support staff, here are seven gift set ideas from Bleu Lavande, all under $35.

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Gift Guide for Teachers and Support Staff

Giving a thoughtful gift to teachers and support staff at the end of the school year is a great way to show your gratitude for their dedication.

Here are seven gift sets under $35 available on our website and in-store, perfect for bringing some relaxation and well-being to those who work so hard.

Little Lavender Set - $25.00

Includes a lavender artisan soap and a lavender hand cream. The soap soothes and relaxes with lavender essential oil, while the hand cream deeply hydrates with natural ingredients like grape seed oil and shea butter. A perfect duo for daily well-being.

Lavender Air Set - $33.00

Perfect for refreshing personal spaces, this set contains a linen water, an ambiance fragrance, and a dried lavender sachet. All products are made from natural ingredients.Mini Essentials - $32.50This portable kit includes a hand cream, a lip balm, and a lavender essential oil roll-on applicator. Ideal for daily use and keeping in a handbag.

Lavender-Eucalyptus Bath Salts - $23.00

Offer a spa experience at home with these bath salts, which combine the benefits of lavender and eucalyptus for ultimate relaxation.

Lavender-Vanilla Reed Diffuser - $32.99

Perfect for subtly scenting a room, this reed diffuser blends the soothing fragrances of lavender and vanilla, creating a warm and relaxing ambiance.

Natural Foot Care Set - $35.00

A duo of foot care products, including a cream and an exfoliant, ideal for relaxation after a long day. This kit uses natural ingredients to soothe and hydrate the feet.

Good Night Set - $34.50

A perfect set for a good night's sleep. Ideal after long workdays.

These sets make perfect gifts to show your appreciation for teachers and support staff.

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