Open year-round, Espaces Bleu Lavande offers a range of fun events and educational workshops, which vary according to the season – enjoyment for every age group!

  • Interior Discovery Area - where you’ll learn the ins and outs of growing lavender in Quebec.
  • A unique Interactive Area designed by Moment Factory.
  • Outdoor Discovery Area - where you’ll learn even more about lavender.
  • Garden Area - where you can purchase plants and learn about how lavender is cultivated.
  • Picnic Area.
  • Gourmand Area – where a bike selling snacks and beverages criss-crosses the 1-km long trail.
  • Relaxation Area – with the aroma of lavender floating through the air…
  • Workshop Area – a changing roster of seminars designed around activities such as how to create lavender sachets, product tastings and tips on how to successfully grow lavender plants.
  • Foot and Calf Chair Massage Area - July and August (by reservation only).
  • Cultivation Area – where Mother Nature reigns supreme!
  • Boutique – offering views over the lavender fields.
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