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As lavender and essential oil lovers, we are constantly innovating to offer you new ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Discover our new products and enjoy a well-deserved moment of well-being.



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Natural foot care duo
Sale price$17.63 Regular price$23.50
Aromatherapy essentials
Sale price$27.00
Lavender linen water duo
Sale price$30.50 Regular price$52.50
Lavender-eucalyptus & lavender linen water duo
Sale price$27.00 Regular price$44.00
Sweet dreams essentials
Sale price$16.50 Regular price$25.50
Lavender essential oil
Sale priceFrom $16.50
Lavender foaming bath
Sale priceFrom $5.00
Lavender-eucalyptus foaming bath
Sale priceFrom $14.50
Sale price$2.00
Liquid lavender honey
Sale price$9.00
Alpaca wool drying balls
Sale price$22.00
Swedish sponge cloth
Sale price$5.00
Bamboo soap dish
Sale price$7.00
Sold out
Body brushBody brush
Body brush
Sale price$14.00
Sold out
Walnut shell scrubbersWalnut shell scrubbers
Walnut shell scrubbers
Sale price$4.00
Scouring brush
Sale price$6.00
Cocooning candle
Sale price$32.00
Cocooning room spray
Sale price$24.00

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